Brazil Travel Is a Breathtaking Adventure

Host of World Cup Brazil 2014

Brazil travel is fun and relaxing. Brazil R Us invites you to explore an amazing land of diversity and to get ready for the FIFA World Cup 2014.Take your time delving into the site and absorbing what this warm, exotic country has to offer.

South American Giant – Brazil Travel Attractions

Brazil is a vast country, the fifth largest in the world. Hence, its size brings along some of the world’s superlatives with it. The largest and richest rainforest – the Amazon; the best festival in the world – Brazil Carnival; and one of the largest waterfalls – Iguaçu.

Ecological Shrine – Brazil Travel Adventure

Brazil is more than exquisite beaches. Pantanal, in the state of Mato Grosso, is home to an extensive variety of birds and small mammals. It is the largest environmental reserve in South America and the third largest in the world.

Whether you are a bird lover or a fishing enthusiast you will be thrilled with Pantanal as a vacation destination. This ecological sanctuary will make your Brazil travel unforgettable.

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The insider’s Brazil travel guide

Brazil is going to be the center stage for the world’s greatest sporting events: the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016. Twelve Brazilian cities – including Brasília, Brazil’s capital – are going to host the 64 matches of the World Cup.

In 2016, Rio de Janeiro will roll out the red carpet for the XXXI Olympic Games. Now is the time to start planning your trips to Brazil. Why travel to Brazil? Because of the beautiful beaches, the luxurious rainforests, the astonishing wetlands… You will be hooked by the fantastic food. The joy and friendliness of the Brazilian people will make you feel at home. There is something for everyone in Brazil. Get ready for an exciting journey.